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About diamonds
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Diamonds have long been one of nature’s most revered creations. Since the dawn of humanity their beauty, strength and resilience have enchanted people the world over. Ancient Greeks believed them to have mystical protective powers, and it is from the Greek term ‘adamas’, meaning invincible, that the word ‘diamond’ originates. Over time, the magic of diamonds has continued to grow, and they have come to mark our most cherished moments, bonds and commitments. Strong and unbreakable, they represent timeless emotions.

In the 1890s, the first diamond exchanges were founded in Amsterdam and Antwerp. In 1910, a new and still the most important cut form was presented for the first time, the brilliant cut. This special cut makes the diamond sparkle and shine the most.

In 1931, professional standards for the evaluation and classification of diamonds were introduced with the founding of the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Around 1940, another distinctive step to ensure the best possible transparency and security for the buyer was the quality evaluation according to the 4 C's (Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut).

These quality criteria are still used today by the leading testing laboratories around the world. Today, the GIA is the leading and most recognised independent institute for the grading of brilliants, diamonds and other precious stones. Every single high-quality diamond is graded according to these standards and delivered with a globally valid certificate.

All you want to know about diamonds.

Diamonds - a smart investment since 1960

The GIA Laboratory provides a variety of gem grading and identification reports for diamonds

The GIA Certificate describes the quality of the diamond and its origin.
Afterwards a serial number is laser engraved.

The classic 4 C's

The Gemological Institute of America® (GIA) is a nonprofit institute founded in 1931 that provides gemological research, education, and laboratory services to the trade and public. GIA's mission is to protect buyers and sellers of gemstones by setting and maintaining the standards used to evaluate gemstone quality.‍

Four independentexperts examine every single stone using the latest scientific methods. The GIA report contains a complete description of the diamond, such as shape, weight, colour, clarity, cut and dimensions.In addition, a microscopic serial number is engraved by a laser, documenting the origin of the clean (non conflict) country. The gemstone and the GIA certificate form one unit and cannot be confused.

Investments in tangible assets, such as gold or real estate, are well known. Certified diamonds as a stable investment have proven to be a more stable asset over the decades.

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Where to get Diamonds
Andreas HArtl Diamonds


After 30 years in the watch and jewelery business, as a diamond appraiser and as an expert at the Dorotheum auction house in Vienna, you can purchase GIA certified diamonds directly from me without an intermediary
from the stock exchange. Diamonds with a GIA certificate can be compared and traded worldwide with excellent stability of value. In economically difficult times their mobility and compact size offer significant advantages for a capital investment. In addition, they are of extraordinary beauty.

My many years of experience and good contacts to diamond producers and bourses in Antwerp, New York and Mumbai guarantee access to excellent diamond qualities at the best prices.

The Premium Standard
I have specialised in a small segment in these 4C-groups - the most beautiful and most stable brilliant-cut diamonds in value.

Carat weight: from 1 ct
Color grade: D / Ultrafine white +
Clarity:  IF / Internally Flawless
Cut: 3x EX / Excellent

The AHD Standard
I trade exclusively with premium diamonds starting from 1,00 ct with GIA certificate. Since naturally grown diamonds also have inclusions and in the cut slightly varying farcettes are possible, I look at the stones according to my criteria and select in the premium category again the best:
Technical terms such as Heart & Arrow, Type 2A, table size or FL ( Flawless) (instead of IF –Internal flawless) are a few of these special criteria I am looking for.

This effort pays off for you: diamonds according to the AHD standard have a 4 to 6% higher retail value to the actual list price.
The smallest microscopic differences, which are not indicated in the GIA certificate, make all the difference:
These perfect brilliant-cut diamonds are naturally very rare, but they offer the owner the best possible stability of value and the best resale price.

Flawless Diamonds…just like our service.

Looking for the finest diamonds

The perfect cut: "Heart" and "Arrow".  One of the AHD Premium Standards.

The Rappaport Diamond List is the diamond industry standard for the pricing of diamonds.

Here are 5 Reasons why diamond investment is for you

1. Crisis-resistant
For decades diamonds have had a constant increase in value regardless of economic or political events.

2. Appreciation and increase in value
Stable value development is one of the essential characteristics of a certified diamond.

3. Tradable worldwide
Diamonds with a recognized certificate can be compared and traded worldwide.

4.Small size, big value
Because of their size, diamonds are the most compact form of investment. Whether on your hand or in your pocket.

5. Storage
In a bank safe or in your own safe. Diamonds can also be deposited in a duty-free warehouse without paying more tax.

Here are 5 reasons for diamonds by Andreas Hartl:

1. Premium Premium Quality
With the AHD standard, I select those within the premium stones which stand out for their perfect cut, proportions and flawless surfaces.

2. Best Resale Value
I search for the perfect stone for you. Keyword: Tripple EX, Type 2A, Heart & Arrow

3. Best Purchase Price
As a GIA Retailer, I buy  directly from the Diamond Bourses in Antwerp, New York and Mumbai. This guarantees you the best price-performance ratio.

4. Flexible Payment
Whether traditionally by bank transfer or via Crypto Wallet, you have all payment options.

5. Best Support
You will receive independent and transparent advice from me – in person and discreetly. As a buyer, I keep you up-to-date on the development of values and am always available to answer your questions.

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How to buy Diamonds
Andreas HArtl diamonds

Diamonds are created under pressure. That is why they handle pressure well.

For centuries, diamonds have been a valuable commodity because of their rarity, beauty, value and size. They also resounded today as a "crisis currency".

A 1-carat diamond of high quality achieved an average increase in value of 4.6% per year since 1960, without extreme downward fluctuations. In the case of diamonds, possible price fluctuations depend mainly on their size and quality.

Brilliants under 1 ct, have much greater fluctuations than stones from 1 ct +. Combined with the very best quality, i.e. color D / internally flawless IF / cut Excellent / no fluorescence, diamonds achieve excellent returns. The price trend of a high quality brilliant diamond in the last 20 years compared to S&P 500, is much more stable, without large fluctuations up or down.In 2008 (global financial crisis) there was the maximum decline of 12% on an annual basis. However, the downward movement was far less than the stock markets, which plummeted by 40% and more. Moreover, diamond prices recovered faster than stock prices.

Thus, you can consider high quality diamonds, kept in a safe or worn as a piece of jewelry, as a low-risk investment for the long-term protection of your assets.

With the AHD standard, I select those within the premium stones which stand out for their perfection.

I will find the perfect stone with the perfect cut.

Store your diamonds in
customs bounded
warehouse without paying

Diamonds are 4ever

Ready to invest in your AHD Premium Diamond?

Diamonds are a finite resource. As diamond mines are depleted, the supply of diamonds becomes more limited, and their value will increase.

On top of that the quality of diamonds I am looking for is rare.

This is why my clients saw a steady increase in the value of their premium stones. Act now and discover the potential in investing in diamonds.

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I have a brilliant solution for your finances

Beautiful brilliants  
Hardest currency in the world
quality evaluation according to the 4 C's
most valuable asset

I grant you access to the finest Diamonds in the world

High-quality brilliant-cut diamonds
Continuously increasing value
Compact & mobile
Independent of banks, authorities and other institutions

In dark
times better hold onto something bright

Certified diamonds
nature’s most revered creations
Absolute beauty and brilliance
traded worldwide with excellent stability of value